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Cooking Oil Recycling Services

Greasecycle® provides reliable used restaurant cooking oil collection across North Carolina. We collect and recycle many types of used cooking oil and restaurant grease; including vegetable oil, fish oil, chicken fat, bacon grease & more. IF IT’S FAT, WE WANT THAT!

While many people view their used cooking oil as a waste, we specialize in collecting it, refining it, and then using it as a feed stock for the biofuel industry. We recover sustainable value from this resource in an environmentally friendly manner. Many restaurants are unsure of where to dispose their cooking oil. Greasecycle® provides a solution. Not only do we help you get rid of your waste, we pay you top dollar. That’s right, we pay you for your grease. Also, if you would like to donate your grease, we can direct your oil rebate either to the Wounded Warriors Project or your local public schools system. This way, your oil rebates become a donation to a meaningful cause.

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How It Works

When you work with us you receive a state-of-the-art container for free. Our containers are all-plastic or all-metal and are easy to clean and maintain, featuring a lock to prevent theft. Our team will then set up a servicing schedule that best fits your restaurant's specific needs. We have perfected our routing system to ensure your container will never overflow.


Free Grease Bins that Are Convenient and Secure

Used Cooking Oil Recycling Bins Placed at your Location for Free

Pick from our assortment of secure, easy-to-use spent cooking oil recycling containers. All outdoor containers come with lockable lids to deter grease theft.

30 gallon Drum with Dolly (Indoor Use Only)

This portable oil container goes inside the restaurant and fits nicely under a three compartment sink. This container is an ideal solution for a restaurant in a downtown area where outdoor space is limited.

55 gallon Drum with Lockable Lid

This type of container is secure and takes up a small foot-print. It is suitable for a restaurant that dumps two fryers per week or less.

150 gallon Heat Resistant and High Strength Plastic Bin

This lockable container is probably the easiest container to use. Since it is low slung it makes dumping the grease into the container safer for your staff. It also takes up less space than a traditional 300 gallon metal box. This solution is ideal for a restaurant that dumps 3 to 5 fryers per week.

300 gallon Metal Bin

This is the most secure option for a high volume restaurant. This entire container is metal and lockable. This equipment works grease for a restaurant that dumps more than 5 fryers per week.


Why Choose Greasecycle®

Professional Service - Our trained technicians have the experience to service your restaurant without interrupting your operations.

Reliability - We've been operating since 2009 and have obtained a solid reputation by providing high quality services through our responsiveness and transparency.

Profit Margins - When you partner with us, we pay you for your used cooking oil. Allowing you to add on additional revenue stream to your business

Environmentally Friendly- Our company refines your used cooking oil and sources it as a feed stock into the biofuel industry. Not only are you making money, you're partnering with an environmentally conscious company. You are going green and making green at the same time!

One Stop Shop - We make things easy by providing a dependable and comprehensive waste management solution for all types of restaurant-related businesses in North Carolina. We also offer grease trap pumping services so you can work with one vendor and streamline your operations.


Areas We Service

Our Used Cooking Oil Recycling Services include, but are not limited to:

Raleigh - With our head office based in Raleigh, we frequently provide cooking oil recycling services in Raleigh

Durham - A short 30 minute drive from our head office, you'll often see the Greasecycle® service vehicle providing used oil recycling services in Durham.

Cary - We service all cities in the Triangle area. If you're looking for restaurant cooking oil recycling in Cary call us!

Wilmington - One of our primary locations for providing our cooking oil recycling services.

Chapel Hill, Apex, Garner, surrounding areas


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