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Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Greasecycle® helps your restaurant avoid blockages and backups by providing affordable grease trap cleaning & pumping services in Central and Eastern North Carolina. We will pump out your grease trap. Haul the grease trap waste to our state of the art recycling facility where the mixture of grease, water, and food particles are processed into compost and a biofuel feedstock. Our grease trap cleaning is available for restaurants, schools, nursing homes, industrial facilities and a wide variety of commercial food establishments.

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Greasecycle® is the Right Choice for Your Restaurant

There are a handful of grease trap companies out there; but Greasecycle® is the Right Choice for Your Kitchen

It’s a hard, dirty job. The material we work with stinks. But we take care of our customers and the environment too. Here is why Greasecycle® is the right company for pumping out your grease trap/grease interceptor (these two words are used interchangeably). Sometimes people call them grease separators as well.

We Do The Job Right

We Reduce Liability For Your Restaurant

We Handle This Material In The Most Environmentally Conscious Way

Why Grease Traps Need To Be Cleaned

The purpose of a grease trap is in the name itself: it “traps” grease and food solids from getting into the municipal wastewater collection system and causing backups down the line. That is why, by law, restaurants must have a grease trap and have it cleaned on a set frequency. Over time as the grease and food solids accumulate, the grease trap can back up into the restaurant, overflow into the parking lot, or simply create odors that can be bad for business.

When Is It Time For Grease Trap Cleaning?

Most restaurants pump out their traps anywhere from every 30 days to every 90 days. The rules in each municipality are different. Please see the link on our FAQ page to see the different requirements for different municipalities. At the same time, if your grease trap backs up or has a strong odor between pumpings, increasing your pumping frequency may fix the problem.

Committed To Making The Ugly...Beautiful

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Grease Trap (Grease Interceptor) Sizes

The two main types of grease traps are indoor and outdoor. If it is indoor, it may be a black or silver box that is under the sink that sits on top of the kitchen floor. Sometimes the indoor traps are underneath the kitchen floor; so all you see is a rectangular piece of metal or plastic that can be pulled up. The sizes for indoor traps range from 10 to 200 gallons. Outdoor grease traps are typically under the parking surface or under the grass near the back of a kitchen. You can identify them by locating 2 or 3 manhole covers that are close together. These typically range in size from 500 to 3000 gallons.


How Much Does Grease Trap Cleaning Cost?

Grease trap cleaning and pumping prices are base on size, access, and frequency.
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Areas We Service

We're happy to provide grease trap cleaning services to the following areas. If you don't see your city listed, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll see if we can work together.

Raleigh-We're a local company, with our head office located in Raleigh.

Durham -Only a 30 minute drive from our head office, we regularly provide grease trap pumping services in Durham.

Cary-We service all cities in the Triangle area. If you're looking for grease trap cleaning in Cary give us a call today!

Chapel Hill-Only 33 miles from our head office. We regularly provide grease trap cleaning in Chapel Hill.

Apex, Garner, and surrounding areas.


High Point

Winston Salem