Bulk Oil Purchase & Tanker Freight Service

Sell us your unprocessed bulk used cooking oil

Are you a collector of used cooking oil? If so, we want to buy your raw, unprocessed used cooking oil (some people call it yellow grease). Email us today to discuss how much we will pay you to pick up your oil: dylan@grease-cycle.com.

How It Works

  • We will pick up as little as 1200 gal at a time and pay you top dollar based on your yield (percentage of water and solids). Our payment to you is also based on the Jacobsen Index.
  • Because we haul and process the material, we are your most vertically integrated buyer of this valuable product. We are not brokers!
  • The states where we can pick up raw used cooking oil are: NC, SC, VA, GA, AL, LA, MS, TX, AR, TN, FL, WV, OH
  • Please call or email us today. We would love to build value for your business one gallon at a time. (well, hopefully lots of gallons all of the time ☺)

    Speaking of building value, we are only interested in purchasing raw used cooking oil from reputable businesses who collect cooking oil from their own containers/accounts. We will not purchase material that cannot be traced back to viable, legal accounts. If you are a grease thief, don’t call us.

If you have fat, we want to move it!

Rolling River Tank Line (our DBA for hauling) is the perfect choice to haul your inedible fats and oils as well as food processing wastewater.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are specialized at hauling fat and wastewater for the food industry. It is all this division does, and that’s why we are really good at it!
  • With this specialization comes employees well trained in preventing spills and assisting with the loading and offloading process
  • We can either “air off” our trailers or use our onboard pumps
  • We have well maintained power units and our trailers have in-transit heat that can keep your material warm
  • All our power units have onboard scanners so we can get you your bill of ladings faster

Here is our service territory in the order of our preference for hauling your non-haz liquids:

North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, Texas, Arkansas

Please email the General Manager of our tanker business, Carey Mack, at rollingrivertankline@gmail.com to get a freight quote.